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About Us

Who We Are

GoFetch Design LLC was founded by Thomas Hank in the late spring of 2017. With past experience as a highly versed Industrial Designer with an expansive background in high-tech, medical, and automotive fields; he was quickly able to get GoFetch off the ground and quickly growing.

Detail Driven and Customer Focused.

It is the belief at GoFetch Design LLC, that customer service and satisfaction is paramount to operating a successful business, commanding growth, and keeping your customers eager to return. We are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients and we try our hardest to maintain your heightened level of satisfaction. Likewise, we are very upfront on expectations on projects and try to paint a picture for our clients best we can, so that they fully understand the ins-and-outs of the projects they are commissioning. In the convoluted design world of endless jargon and tech talk, all too often people are left confused and uneasy. At GoFetch Design, we follow basic rules: SIMPLIFY and DELIVER. You know what you want. We can make it happen.

You want it? GoFetch!

Realty Photography

Use GoFetch Design LLC for Premium Real Estate Photography!

Currently serving the surrounding Trumbull county area; GoFetch is the GO-TO for top selling local agents and brokers alike. With fast paced, friendly service and quick turn around time, we not only increase the speed of your sales; but increase both your demand as an agent and the traffic directed at the home.

Our client base is rapidly growing every day as customers have all seen a noticeable positive increase in demand and revenue! Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed! Leverage your personal photo library by inviting potential clients to see more than MLS allowances.

Don’t forget, we do all types of digital or print marketing, business cards, billboard design, custom editing, trade-show material and more! Long term local printing ties ensure rapid quotes and high quality with quick turnaround time. Working on a personal level allows for quick changes and flexibility.

Let GoFetch Design help make you a Selling Superstar!


The World At Your Fingertips

We currently offer a wide variety of services across a broad spectrum of potential needs. Our background is extremely diverse so if there’s something you are unsure of, be sure to give us a call and let us know what you are looking for. Chances are we can make it happen!
View the portfolio page for a multitude of work samples.

You want it? GoFetch!

Web Design
Multimedia Development
Digital Animation
Video Production
Graphic Design and Logo Art
Concept Illustration
Digital Photography
Digital 3D modeling and part design
FreeHand Artwork

Much More!

All work is performed to industry standards using licensed, commercial grade software.
*Rates vary by job. Please contact for quote!


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