How it Works

Helping You Sell Faster!

24 Hour 365 Access

All clients receive their own personal Microsoft OneDrive folder! Log-in to reach your photos online or download the mobile app to view, download, and share photos with potential buyers. All work is organized by date, then location, edited and uploaded to your personal OneDrive account so that you have your homes listed available at your fingertips 24/7.

Share Photos with Clients

Quickly create and send a link to any perspective client of the home you are listing to share more than the 35 or so usually posted with your realtor application. This allows them access to any and all pictures available. You can do this by right clicking on a folder via PC, or selecting the folder and using the icons that will appear below on a mobile device and using the ‘share’ or ‘copy link’ option depending on device. Just note when sending a link that you check the ‘view only’ box so that the persons cannot alter the contents. Don’t fret if you forget and something happens however; as all the photos are backed up by GoFetch Design LLC.

Downloading your Images

To download the files, simply right click on the folder you wish to attain images from and select ‘download’. It will then generate a zipped folder of all the images that you can extract to a drive on your PC and upload to the MLS system. You may also download items individually as well, or select multiple images to download at once by holding your ctrl key down while selecting files. Then right click and select download and OneDrive will create a zip file containing only the selected items.

Top 35 Images

Further saving you time, we now provide a ‘Top Pics’ selection of 35 photos. The real estate market moves quickly and we don’t always have the time to select through all of the photos taken to host in our MLS system. GoFetch Design takes care of the headache for you by cherry picking out 35 (per current MLS limits) images that best represent, and showcase the layout of the home. This feature also comes in handy on larger homes where a much higher number of pictures are available for selection. These images are found in a separate folder outside the remaining pictures in your personal OneDrive dated folder.

Additional Support

Want to brush up or learn more? For additional tips and help using OneDrive, please see the support link below:
Microsoft OneDrive Support