Step by Step Photo Downloading

A Comprehensive Walk-Through of Our Process

First Time User Introduction

Sometimes technology isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be and unfamiliarity can turn a simple job into a stressful afternoon. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure something out while your deadlines loom near. Microsoft OneDrive is an excellent and stable tool, and quite user friendly once you get the hang of things; but we can all use a little help every now and then. This page covers a step-by-step walk-through of the process involved from receiving your email with the link to your OneDrive account, to getting your files saved to your desktop and ready for uploading into the MLS system of your choice.


Please note that there may be some small variance in appearance from your actual screen as not all operating systems are 100% the same; however the process should not change. This process is shown using a PC based system, however a MAC OS uses a very similar procedure; the main idea being to download and extract your files to the folder of your choice to the desktop of the platform you are most comfortable with. Variance may also occur by internet browsers during downloading. This example will be shown using Firefox as our internet browser.

Click on any sample picture to view at full resolution

Getting Started

Step 1.

You will receive an email from a GoFetch Design LLC representative with the link to your personal OneDrive folder. We will be following along using this example with our good friend and client Michelle. Official introduction instructions are usually included in your first email and can also be found at any time on this site under the Realty Photography section. Make sure you save this address in your favorites menu or create a shortcut for easy access. You may also choose to download the OneDrive software to your computer or phone to create a live shared folder on your desktop. Visit the link on the introduction pages for more information.

Step 2.

The link provided should take you directly to your shared OneDrive folder. Here you will see your name along with photo shoots labeled by date. If you are a first time user, Microsoft MAY prompt you to create an account. While it should not be necessary to complete this process, creating an account allows you to download the software to your phone and computer, giving you rapid access and real time shared folders. It is also FREE and provides up to 50GB of included free storage space and is highly recommended. The following steps will walk you through creating an account. Skip forward to Step 5. if this does not apply to you.

Step 3.

Creating an account is fairly simple. You will be prompted to either sign in with your existing account or to create and account. If you already use services like Gmail, you may have a live account already.Select “Create one!” to create a new account.

Fill out the ‘Create an Account’ form to begin. Microsoft is extremely secure and should not trigger any antivirus prompts here if running them.

Enter your password once you have created your account and followed any email/login process sent from Microsoft.

Step 4.

If you are logging into OneDrive for the first time, it will likely take you to your dashboard. Here you will see your name in the upper right hand corner once logged in. The menu to your left gives you multiple options of where files may be located. We will only be dealing with two possible locations here: “Files” or “Shared”. In this instance, Michelle’s file is listed under the Files menu. By default, she will also see a MyPics, Documents, Email Attachments, and a Pictures foler. These are automatically populated by OneDrive and we will not be using these; likewise your files will ONLY be found in the marked file by your name and place of business.

If you do not see your named file under the ‘Files’ tab, click on the ‘Shared’ file menu name. Here you will find all files that have been shared with you including GoFetch Design LLC.

OK You’re In! Let’s Get your Pictures!

Step 5.

Once you have selected the folder with the date of the photos you wish to access, open it up to see all homes shot on that day. Any additional optional documents tied to the home provided by GoFetch Design will also be found here. The photos we will be downloading next are from 120 Diamond Circle. Each folder will now preview inside the folder.

Inside you’ll see a subfolder named ‘Top 35’. This is the folder created by GoFetch Design for your convenience of our pic of the 35 best pictures to represent the home. This number is the maximum allowed for current MLS listings. This process will continue with the downloading of the top 35. If you chose to select your own, simply click to highlight each picture you wish and then right click to ‘download’. You will find more information on the downloading process in the following steps. Note: Top 35 pictures are separate from the remaining pictures and are not duplicate.

Select and Right Click on the Top 35 folder to choose “Download”.

Step 6.

Once you have chosen “download” from the Top 35 folder (or manually selected 35 images of your choice), you will prompt a window asking to either Open or Save the zip file of pictures you are about to download. We want to chose “Save File”. Select ‘Save File’ and press ‘OK’.

On your screen you will then see the files in the Top 35 zip folder being downloaded to your computer. Location of this download bar may vary between operating systems or internet browsers.

Wait until your Zip folder is completely downloaded. Your browser will alert you once this step is complete. Note: Home pictures are large in size even in optimized format, this process may take a few minutes based on your internet connection and download speeds.

Step 7.

Locate your Zip folder under your MyDocuments > My Downloads section on your computer. It should be listed as Top 35 unless you were prompted to rename the folder upon download (MAC users). If you have multiple folders named Top 35 here from previous downloads of other homes, be sure to make note of the date and time of download so that you select the correct folder.

Right click on your Zip folder and select “Extract All”. Some operating systems may already show an Extract all option in the file browser menu. Either option is fine.

Step 8.

We will now be selecting a destination on your computer to extract the files to. Once the files are extracted, they will become usable and fully accessible for uploading into the MLS systems. Select the ‘Browse’ option to locate a specific folder you wish the photos to live inside.

Chose an existing file or the “Make New Folder” option to create a new folder for these to extract to. Here you will see the pictures are to be distributed into the “Sample OneDrive Pictures” folder for this walk-through. Create new folders on your direct desktop for easiest access. If you forget where you saved them, simply use the search tool in the startup menu to locate the files.

Once you have chosen a location, the filepath destination will be displayed in the popup window. Select ‘Browse’ to modify this destination if you would like to change where they extract to. If you are satisfied with where the files will now be extracted to, click the “Extract” button.

Step 9.

Wait for the files to be copied from the Zip folder to the destination of your choice.

Once the files have transferred to your designated folder, the Extracted photos will open up under a new document browser tab. If you have not selected to show extracted folders upon opening, simply navigate to the location you defined during the extraction process.

Step 10.

That’s it! You’re all done and ready to upload to the MLS system of your choice! Hopefully this walk-through helped you out and was easy to follow. As always, feel free to reach out to GoFetch Design LLC via phone or email with additional support or concerns. We will be happy to guide you through any problems you may have!