Multimedia and Video

Showcasing Design in Motion


One of the most sought after requests we see is to have the company logo animated, generally for use in video intros or web GIF display. What this means is bringing movement into the logo, usually done through layered construction, where the logo forms in front of the viewer from multiple pieces. An example of this would be pieces of a word dropping into place, or two items scaling in from the corners of the screen to meet in the center. There are infinite ways to do this, but it needs to be done properly and professionally for the best results. GoFetch Design is an expert in this field and can help you stand out easily from the rest. With creative ways of thinking and state of the art graphic technology, we can bring both your logo and your company to life!

Formal Introductions

Sometimes you want a little bit more substance than just the logo coming together. In video production, an intro of 5-10 seconds is not uncommon when leading into your main project. These introductions of who you are help the viewer to better understand your business what makes you tick. The following sample takes just a little bit longer, but offer much more dramatic impact. It all depends on the outcome you wish to achieve, and the desired use of the animation.

Tell A Story

What’s the meaning behind your company, your logo, your mission? How can you easily convey this message in a simple, effective manner? The answer is simple; we see it every day in commercials on tv and ads on the internet. Sometimes you just need to tell your story. Building out these extended animations, or short films make perfect videos for social media or small marketing campaigns. Take a look at how we took the Packard Connect logo, and turned it into an animated story, “Behind the Design”.

Full Video Editing and Production

Need to make a short corporate video or perhaps you need a spot for an event coming up for social media? Give GoFetch a call and we can quickly put something together for you to keep you and your company looking professional and well presented. Combine these with your animated logos or introductions for a greater effect; or simply just fade in your logo as needed. GoFetch is ready to work with you and your budget be it large or small. Shown below is a short sample for an upcoming speaking event.