Realty Photo Services

Capture your home professionally!

Offering One-stop-shopping for all your needs!

Real Estate photography service is comprised of a two part available package. Your traditional indoor and outdoor photos are standard. These are taken with the latest in DSLR camera technology with a high end, home photography specific wide angle lens. Each photograph is edited for color and light correctness, contrast and tonal qualities before being saved for maximum resolution without sacrificing quality. Each home is completely documented with a range of 60-120+ images on average depending on the size of the home. There is no upcharge fee by square footage or property. GoFetch Real Estate Photography is all inclusive.

The second part of the package is the available drone photography. This can be added to any home shoot for a nominal additional upcharge. The drone package adds an average of 10-12 additional photos showcasing the structure and surrounding properties. Drone photography provides an excellent advantage for large plots of land and easily sets your home apart from other listings. This service works exceptionally well with commercial properties and large estates.

Just need a portion of the package? That’s ok too! We offer individual pricing below as needed.

GoFetch Design LLC operates out of the Warren/Howland Ohio area, serving our local firms. All travel up to 30 miles is included in the cost of your appointment. Travel outside of this range is subject to additional surcharges as listed below.

Package Pricing

Interior and Exterior Photos:
60-120 photos avg.

Add Outdoor Drone Package:
10-12 photos avg.

Total Package Cost: $90.00
A Best Value and $20.00 Savings!

Individual Pricing and Optional Services/Fees

Outdoor Drone Photography ONLY:
$35.00 per location

Outdoor Drone Photography/w standard Outdoor Camera ONLY:
$45.00 per location

Indoor Photography Only:
$65.00 per location

Home Write-up Services
Home write-ups include a brief description and walk through overview of the home averaging 200-250 words. Perfect for saving time and effort, as you can easily add any additional highlights given to you by the seller. Try us once and you’ll never write another again! An excellent value!

Extended Range Photography
Travel charges outside the normal 30 mile range
$15 flat fee + $.60 mile each additional mile past the initial 30 mile range + any tolls incurred.

Split Trip Fee
Split trip charges are put in place due to cancellation upon arrival, inclement weather, or unready homes forcing indoor or outdoor only shots. This fee is enforced when an initial job is divided in half due to unforeseen circumstances and a portion of the job was unable to be delivered. You will be charged a standard indoor or outdoor fee for re-takes upon request.
Additional return trips made to all locations:

*Extended range return trips will include additional the initial extended range trip fees

Inconvenience Fee
Fees are deterrents. We don’t like charging anyone extra, but we value our time as you should yours. As any business, most interactions are run by appointment. Due to the nature of the business, we often have multiple bookings per day. For each appointment, we must consider travel time there, the projected duration of the shoot, and the time to the next appointment. It is the duty of both the realtor and/or homeowner to make sure that the estate is ready to be captured with minimal effort. Yes, we expect some boxes may need shuffled in a move, etc. However we are NOT responsible for clearing out entire households. We are NOT house cleaners nor maid services and often do NOT have the time to ready your home without negatively effecting each person behind you that day. If our standard service times double, you will be charged accordingly. If we can not afford the time due to circumstance, your home will be captured AS IS, and will be reflective in a sub par interest level by prospective buyers. GoFetch does what they are able to provide the highest quality images, please allow us to help you showcase the best your home can be. Please be courteous to your agent, working professionals, and the needs of others.
$35.00+ (varied)