Delphi is a developer and supplier of automotive electronic products and materials. Most specifically they are a wire and cable manufacturer, proving wiring,charging, and vehicle electrification systems to OEMs on a global scale. This includes vehicle to vehicle and V2E; vehicle to everything, interface development. I worked as a design specialist, who is much like a localized creative director to my region. Here I founded, managed, and proliferated an internal global multimedia support center and social foundation for all Delphi employees internationally while creating internal marketing and branding documents, logo and graphic design, animation, and presentations. This included collaborative video production and editing, including providing internal video portal services. Other roles include SharePoint website development, coding and design, internal document storage and management; to include collaborative production and organization of various training tools and student/employee workshops.

Who we are

Delphi is an international tier one automotive supplier of wiring harnesses and vehicle electrification assemblies. Along with harness design and development, Delphi produces and distributes cable and wire globally. This Fortune 500 technology company ranks number 57 currently of the top 100.

Delphi’s dominant global presence is supported by the statistics generated from its success rate. Delphi has a presence in 32 different countries, with 126 different manufacturing sites, employing 158,000 people,19,000 engineers, scientists and technicians. 20 billion lines of code are shipped daily along with 60 million parts.
Over 15 billion in revenue is generated annually.

My position here was supporting the Ohio based Champion Technical Center for the Engineering and Electronic Architecture team’s immediate internal needs. This includes SharePoint site design and development, graphic design work, marketing and promotional material, knowledge management, workshop management, and video/animation multimedia creation and support. This led to the creation and management of a global media center where I provided custom content creation and a multimedia file repository with over 4,000 unique items.

The Packard Timeline was developed to commemorate the 125 year anniversary of the company. Delphi was born out of the early 1990s, however it began as the Packard Electric Company. Two brothers from Warren, Ohio began the electric company; later founding the Packard Automobile Company, which would both define how we live our modern lives today. Visit the site today and become enlightened, inspired, educated and surprised.

The site received a national recognition of Excellence in 2015, from the National Association of Automobile Museums for Best Website Design.

This site was developed in conjunction for our very own National Packard Museum, in Warren, Ohio.Packardtimeline helps to raise money and awareness while preserving our rich local and national history. Working with another software engineer, we incorporated a full site search along with original company internal newsletters. This allowed both employees and public to search and locate information on family members who worked at Packard; who at one time was one of the area’s largest employers.
This was a major achievement for the museum and can be found in the National Packard Museum awards hall.

What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management is the capturing and storage and population of core knowledge that is crucial to the way we operate as a company. This is also known as codification.

Delphi uses knowledge management for training, reference and documentation purposes. Our knowledge management system is called Packardpedia. This harkens back to our original name and that of the mind-set in which one would leverage an encyclopedia. We employ a Wikipedia style format with the ability for anyone to create a page; which could then be approved for release by a subject matter expert or SME.

I created a new front end for this process, starting with a unique logo. The idea here was that people contribute globally. Each person is a puzzle piece that makes up the structure of the total sum. Likewise, we are joined by linking minds and thoughts, with one piece contributing to multiple others. It was then personified with the addition of ‘My’ and features a version of the ‘My Pages’; or pages the user has authored, logo. A custom icon set was developed to create rollover buttons on the page. These would include ways to view all available content, essentially shop for pages, the topics you have chosen to follow, select favorite unique pages, the ability to request a page, create a page, approve if you are an SME, and an index of all pages you have authored.

Each page features a common theme and layout. This allows the reader to quickly and easily decipher the structure and purpose of the page. Pages are written in a manner so that it can be understood without challenge by an outside reader. Pages feature attached images and documents along with embedded video. Related topics are populated along right hand border.

What is Packard Connect?

Packard Connect was an internal program designed to being employees together through technology and better their work life balance. The benefits would be a more efficient and effective workforce. This would include the implementation and training on various programs that allow people to enjoy a more lightweight
interface with their work, and allow global online access, giving the option to work remotely if needed.

A three day workshop for the connected worker was constructed around the promotion of peer to peer collaboration and development of trust relationships. Keynote speakers were sourced along with tech companies such as Microsoft.

The Packard Connect website was built in the SharePoint Online environment so that it could be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This site featured the most recent news in workshop development so that invited guests can follow along. The technology portion boasted an array of helpful sites on promoting worker connectivity and trends. The last two home page columns featured a twitter feed and internal Yammer feed; which is used to keep social connections internally and run meetings. Other sections include more information on the Connect program and biographies with video links for the scheduled guest speakers for the workshop.

Responsive web design was employed during the construction of the site. This allowed the design and layout to change based on the size of the screen you are viewing the content on. Mobile use was a large push for this workshop and the columns needed to stack in order accordingly to the given available space.

Visual Design Elements

Many times for presentations or displays the need to create high contrast, striking visual representation arises. Visual engagement is paramount in capturing the attention of the audience. The images shown here were created for the use at the National Packard Museum’s Legacy weekend, where an open house venue featured displays based heavily around automotive advancement and modern technologies.

Delphi specializes in automotive electrification and development. Therefore, most of the these images feature different types of hybrid technology, ignition systems, and in-car infotainment or interface. Additional displays showed then and now differences from their humble beginnings 125 years ago , along with images focusing on modern processes and technologies.

Dual Monitor Interactive Displays

These dual monitor displays were placed around the National Packard Museum to convey content I had put together for their Legacy Weekend. Images scrolled through the top monitor with text boxes and descriptions of the content shown. The lower monitor played a looped film that featured different processes and products that both myself, our videographer, and corporate media had produced.

The 2016 DCS Connector Catalog

This catalog showcases all of Delphi’s hi-voltage and hybrid connector systems to be presented to outside consumers. This select connector and wiring market represents our leading edge in wiring technology. For 2016, I had the opportunity to pitch a design refresh for both the cover and internal page layout. Ultimately, my design was selected and is currently in production to be released.

This is just one example of my internal and external marketing services for Delphi.

Kettering Student Trifold

Each year, Delphi takes on a group of graduate students set to begin internships or co-op positions through Kettering University. These students spend time with Delphi over the summer to gain experience in the work field and to gain personal interest. I was tasked to design a trifold brochure to be used first for recruiting purposes at Kettering University and then proliferated to other engineering and technology schools.

Each trifold highlighted our key processes and programs and provided student testimonials. Likewise, trifolds were developed to encompass other Delphi disciplines for promotional use.

The history of GSD video production was empirical to the foundation of the multi-media based capture of knowledge at Delphi.

Animation Creation

There are multiple instances where animation is required. Examples of these situations can be such as conveying a story or to be used as a precursor for a video production. The above animation was created for the Packard Connect, connected worker program. This would be used before any Connect branded video is played. Likewise, the animations to the right were to be used for the introduction of media created by our internal production team. The top most animation is the final concept, with the bottom being the first.

SharePoint Web Site Creation

SharePoint allows you to scratch build websites and host large quantities of data that is internal to the company and its employees. I have built sites in both 2010 and SharePoint Online environments. Depending on the site, graphics are used heavily; while others use XLS style coding to generate content through SharePoint lists. Being able to point to content allows people to make changes on the back end of a site, and the front end will update accordingly.

Packardpedia Media Center

By using Yammer, employees from other countries can easily translate text and become aware of the content provided and where to find it.

The Packardpedia Media Center is a nesting of services that is used to promote, share, and collaborate on all media formats. This includes massive image libraries, streaming video, graphic design, animation, marketing materials, along with the options to collaborate with a design specialist (myself) to create custom, as needed content. This service is available to all employees globally with content living in SharePoint, a mapped community drive, and our video portal. I also used Yammer as an open support forum and means to market services internally. By using Yammer, employees from other countries can easily translate text and become aware of the content provided and where to find it. Work is currently growing at a rapid pace in conjunction with the Mexico and European territories.